Scenario-Based Strategy for Practitioners

This comprises of 4 Modules plus assignments - both syndicate as well as individual.

The following is the outline of the modules & assignments.

Module 1-4

Module 1 Conversation Quality & Engagement
Assignment (Individual) (Learn more)
2 days
Module 2 Systems Thinking for Sustainable Leadership & Transformation (STSLT)
Assignment (Individual & Syndicate) (Learn more)
3 days
Module 3 Thinking & Acting with Scenarios (TAS)
Assignment (Syndicate) (Learn more)
4 days
Module 4 Business Model Development (BMD)
Assignment (Syndicate) (Learn more)
3 days


Overall assignment for Syndicate Scenario Project
Overall assignment for Individual
Write up Syndicate assignment as Action Research Project (ARP) – Masters Thesis Equivalent
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