Conversation Quality & Engagement (CQE)

learning event
“The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.”
William Hazlitt 1778-1830
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Learning Event

Have you ever had a conversation where you seem to miss each other? Like ships passing in the night? Would you like to learn from this and improve how your conversations go?

This programme includes a unique blend of theory and practice. It is built around small group work using cases drawn from the participants.

Programme Objectives

To provide leadership as well as senior managers with an in-depth introduction to understanding and raising their conversation and engagement competence.

This knowledge and skill can be used in the process of managing accountability and performance, strategic conversation, coaching and in everyday conversations and engagement situations in the both the world of family and the world of work.

Programme results:

  • Work with mental models (assumptions) to discover their powerful role in shaping conversations, specially the strategic- and performance-conversations.
  • Use the System's Iceberg to look below the surface at our ingrained behaviour and how that plays in conversations. thinking systemically.
  • Work with the performance conversation as a moment for practicing leadership.
  • Learn how to conduct a tough conversation without damaging the relationship.
  • Question assumptions and broaden your understanding about the human interactions in an organisation and elsewhere.
3 consecutive days, 09h:00 - 17h:00

Executives, line managers, internal change agents
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