About Us

The Centre for Innovative Leadership – CIL is World Class in Building 'Learning Organisations' and 'Learning Individuals'.

CIL was founded in 1989 by Louis van der Merwe along with Peter Senge of Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) and Peter Schwartz of GBN. Learn more – 'History & Foundation'

We are an international networked organisation of individuals who bring not only our years of consulting expertise in our specialised fields but also our experience and knowledge from our time in organisations across the globe in different cultural settings. This means we can bring to our clients the best team required to meet their needs. See 'Our Team' and Alliance Partners & Associates.

In this field of the 'management sciences' we contribute to the science behind this field. We pride ourselves on not only understanding the theory behind our effective approaches but also in developing the theory and teaching others. Learn more about our Intellectual Heritage Contact Us

Southern Africa:   + 27 (0) 11 3141143/44
Internationally: + 44 1414 160660
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