Research & Publications

We pride ourselves on being part of the unique community globally who helps bring the science to the Management sciences!

From our foundation we have been contributing to research and publications in our fields of expertise.

We are proud of our contribution to and our continued association with the work being done on Learning Organisations and in particular the contributions we have made to the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook – Senge et Al and The Dance of Change – Senge et Al.  

In addition our contribution to the work on culture and its role in leadership transformation remains relevant even in the fast pacing world in which we operate and we are proud to have been part of the work by Charles Hampd en-Turner & Fons Trompenaars - Riding the Waves of Culture.   

However we have continued our own publication and research and below are a list of some of the publications done by CIL and /or our team members.

The following relate to academic publications:

In addition to academic publications the following articles/opinion pieces have been published:
  • Wisdom of the Invisible Market – Social Transformation at work
           It’s known as the invisible economy and it’s keeping a large part of South Africa afloat. Louis van
           der Merwe explores this informal economy and its link to economic transformation.  
           Please click on the link below for the full article.
  • Teachers and Schools that Learn - Developing competent South African teachers at scale
           Our Managing Partner Louis van der Merwe explores in his role as Fellow of the IRR what is needed
           in our schools and by our teachers to ensure our children are FIT for the Future they face. Please click
           on the link below for the full article.    

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