Systems Thinking Introduction (STI)

learning event
  systems thinking

Learning Event/Workshop

During this varied and highly interactive workshop the participants learn experientially, the basics of thinking systemically.

The workshop includes the Production Distribution Simulation or 'Beer Game', invented by Jay Forrester of MIT. From this experience the necessity and essence of Systems Thinking is drawn. The participants gain a deeper understanding of how complex systems operate, how the learners play a role in a complex system and how these systems influence behaviour.

Working with examples drawn from the participant's own working and family life, they learn how to put the techniques directly into practice.

Programme results:

  • Understand how complex systems operate
  • Identify key interdependencies in a system
  • Discover systems structures behind visible events and how they influence behaviour
  • Apply Systems Thinking in both organisation and family life
  • Take the skills and knowledge back into the workplace
1 day, 09h:00 -17h:00

(Cross-functional) management teams, executives and line managers

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