Strategic Stakeholder Engagement (SSE)

strategic thinking

Strategic stakeholder engagement is the process in which an organisation's stakeholders engage in dialogue to improve a firm's decision-making and achieving the triple bottom line. At its' heart Strategic Stakeholder Engagement helps an organisation to understand.

Building a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy involves reviewing the current business strategy, understanding the international AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard, mapping stakeholders, preparing stakeholder engagement plans and combining all of this into an integrated strategy, linked closely to the larger business strategy. If the client has utilised the CIL Scenario-Based Strategy approach, very powerful linkages and synergies can be obtained.

Programme Results:

  • A clearly defined, documented Stakeholder Engagement Plan, conforming to the International Standard integrated with the overall Business Strategy and aimed to deliver key business objectives.
  • A trained SSE Team will be in place who understand the methodology and who are able to run and maintain the Stakeholder Engagement process within the client.
  • A set of metrics that will link between the activities of Stakeholder Engagement and the corporate imperative of triple bottom line performance. These metrics will link to the GRI/Triple Bottom line reporting requirements
The consulting intervention will be tailored to the client’s context, which will take account of the industry the client operates in, the past experience of Stakeholder Engagement and the capacity made available to support the process. The intervention consists of workshops and specific training, as well as extensive interaction with top executives and in some cases key stakeholders. An implementation can be delivered over the course of three months, provided the client resources are available.

Senior and middle level leadership teams

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