Managing Accountability & Performance (MAP)

learning programme

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Learning Programme

This series of purpose designed workshops focuses on the specific skills and tools that leadership needs to raise the accountability and performance of team members, while at the same time building trusting relationships. Participants learn to create cohesive teams and are introduced to effective processes to clarify roles and accountabilities linked to strategy. Self-organising teams are one of the building blocks of this unique process.

The set-up of the workshop provides ample opportunities to practice the introduced methods and skills into the workplace immediately after learning. Using the learning in everyday work and evaluating them through feedback from team members in the workshop sustains the learning process.

Programme results:

  • Learn to link the performance management to the strategy of the organisation to deliver shareholder value
  • Emphasis on personal development as primary metric of performance improvement
  • Prioritize individual development planning as priority for sustaining performance improvement
  • Learn to utilise conversation skills to build team alignment and deliver tough messages skilfully
  • Build Organisation Social Capital in the organisation so that consistently high performance levels, lowers the load on supervisors
  • Understand and recognise social dynamics in a team and learn to influence them
  • Skilfully engage in tough conversations that enhance the accountability and performance levels of team members without damage to relationship
Intensive brief workshops of 4-6 hours spread over a period, scheduled to integrate with the natural work processes. Learning is directly linked with on-job application to ensure maximum transfer of skills into the workplace

Intact executive teams, line managers and their teams, supervisors and their teams
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