Leadership for Results (LfR)

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Learning Event
This workshop helps leaders to develop a clear and compelling vision for their leadership. Participants learn to take personal responsibility for their own development. It also develops their capacity to impact the culture of the organisation. In order to realise their vision they learn to create an internal environment that empowers and aligns individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Programme results:

  • Introduction to processes and techniques for building “learning” organisations such as systems thinking, personal self mastery, building shared vision, mental models and team learning, with many practical examples from the world of work and world of family
  • Practical application for these disciplines in organisational life
  • Self-assessment and development planning using a CIL competency profile
  • Learn to implement the disciplines in strategy development and leadership of organisation renewal
3 consecutive days, 09h:00 -17h:00

Executives and line managers
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