Leadership Coaching

Strategic Thinking/Consulting
In the role of coach or counsellor and by providing “clean” feedback, CIL can provide essential support to leadership to enable personal-growth and -renewal.

Often it is difficult or impossible for leadership to obtain independent and immediate feedback from within the organisation. One on one counselling provides feedback on behaviour and a sounding board which is free of the internal organisation dynamics.

CIL has developed some unique personal development tools for leaders.  These can be used in 360° assessment and Personal Development Planning.

CIL principals are often requested to participate in leadership meetings as facilitators to raise the quality of the conversation and to identify important dysfunctional leadership dynamics in the system or team.

CIL assists in agenda development and process design for specific meetings. This process usually begins with the Purpose, and Results that the client wishes to achieve. Both coaching and this kind of facilitation are designed to help to raise the capacity of leadership and support personal learning by leaders.

The duration is determined by the client specific needs. 

Typical clients
Presidents, CEO of organisations, facilitators of specific meetings and forums.
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