Building Strategy & Alignment (BSA)

strategic thinking         

When a strategy has been developed, it is up to the management to create a process that ensures that the organisation acts upon it. This team-building process focuses on the key steps that turn desired results (vision) and current reality into action plans with clear accountabilities and review processes.

The participating team is guided to determine key strategic areas of focus and deepen their alignment around them. The members of the team learn to generate and evaluate strategic options by considering the scenarios, desired results, capability of the organisation and the emerging requirements of customers and stakeholders.

The team is trained in setting up clear performance contracts for the team as a whole and its individual members. Quality conversation during the review of these contracts further increases the team's ability to translate individual efforts into collective results.

Programme results:

  • Unravel the defining moments in the history of the organisation that created the current reality
  • Develop a shared set of desired results (vision) and an organisation purpose
  • Testing for robustness and strategic leverage
  • Action planning and accountability processes which build clear performance contracts
  • Planning review processes, guidelines
3 consecutive days, 09h:00 -17h:00
Pre-work is provided to prepare participants, and intensify learning.

Intact senior and middle level leadership teams
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