Strategic Thinking Capability Assessment

Note: Maximum learning is derived by asking someone who knows you well to complete these questions and to share your perception with them.

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The following assertions should be tested against actual behaviour of the individual and scored on levels of agreement.

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01)    Challenging and restating the underlying beliefs and assumptions on which the organisational strategic actions are based
02)    There is a constant search for patterns and underlying drivers that will impact the organisational strategic agenda in the future
03)    Effective filtering of incoming information for the essential themes and identifying synergies with disparate bits of information or patterns of behaviours
04)    Balancing many dynamic variables simultaneously and discerning the causal relationship between key variables.
05)    Seeing future states as vivid images, usually direct from deep knowledge of details and intuitive insight
06)    Able to form beliefs, working assumptions and generalisable principles quickly from concrete and sparse observation points
07)    Understanding the underlying values, beliefs and attitudes held by current and potential stakeholders, and balancing the range of interests optimally
08)    Maintains a wide network of relationships through which critical information for strategy formulation is obtained
09)    Is able to make tough choices along a constant line of action leading to sustainable competitive advantage
10)    Has a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour and constantly checks working assumptions before taking a stand on specific issues

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