Conversation Quality & Engagement Checklist

Please assess your conversation and engagement skills and score yourself. Ask somebody else to also score your skills and compare both scores. Use this checklist both in the work setting as well as other settings such as any leadership, social and family settings to keep practicing and improving your skills. Work on improving Level 1 Skills first.

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Complete the following statements by indicating which level of frequency most accurately reflects your conduct in conversations and engagement in a team and one-to-one setting. Each score should be accompanied by concrete feedback support by describing specific behavior in specific situations.

Start the assessment process by asking:
During leadership, strategy, performance conversations and coaching I...
(follow the items below)


N: Never | S: Sometimes | O: Often | U: Usually | A: Always
01)    I use active listening to understand another person's point of view
02)    I paraphrase what is said to ensure deeper understanding
03)    I take responsibility for myself by choosing language that indicates this
04)    I listen to what is being said and am self aware when judging
05)    I maintain balance between asking questions and stating my opinions
06)    I do my best to be explicit about the assumptions under my opinions
07)    I constantly question my opinions with intent of reaching observable data
08)    I use concrete examples to describe behavior, sensing, feelings and impact
09)    I stay engaged to identify events that could assist in understanding underlying patterns of behavior and structural aspects
10)    I use open-ended questions to clarify the patterns and structures


N: Never | S: Sometimes | O: Often | U: Usually | A: Always
11)    I avoid third party involvement (triangulation) by dealing directly with others with the issues at hand
12)    I confront others constructively when I disagree with their opinions
13)    I take a stand and express outcomes while remaining engaged with the conversation at hand
14)    I make informed choices about personal behavior by balancing the purpose of the conversation, its desired results and current reality
15)    I encourage others to make choices that support engagement in the conversation
16)    I define personal and organizational boundaries and review them when necessary
17)    I know my personal patterns of behavior and "hot buttons" and can intervene effectively and make choices
18)    I understand the origins of my behavioral patterns and "hot buttons"
19)    I apply conflict resolution skills as required
20)    I use applicable coaching skills such as deep listening, empathy, respect, concreteness, and genuineness as appropriate

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